Crystal has had a curiosity for yoga ever since she was 13 years old. Battling depression and anxiety at a young age, she turned to music and yoga to help her cope with everyday struggles and give structure to triumphs. In 2015, occasional practice transformed into a daily lifestyle, in honor of her late father. Recently, she obtained her 200 hour yoga teacher certification in Hawai’i during a therapeutic based yoga training program through Soma Yoga Institute.

When asked about her yogic philosophy and passion, she says, “My love of yoga is truly boundless, followed very closely by my love of music. My yogic philosophy revolves around the concept that yoga is truly for every BODY and that you can begin or continue your practice at any point in your life.” She is vivaciously passionate about music and the Vinyasa Flow style of yoga.

These passions are the driving forces for her concept of “Legato Yoga”, with legato meaning, “...to perform in a smooth and connected manner”. In her classes, you can expect a hand crafted playlist, a variety of yoga asanas, and a sense of community and inclusiveness.

To her, it doesn’t matter if you started your practice today, or have been practicing for years, she invites you to share your practice with her and your community. She invites you to use each practice to bring you closer to uniting your mind, body and Self.

Legato Yoga

2142 N 117th Street
Wauwatosa, WI 53226